Securitay-Security Deja Vu: RSA 2012 Pecha Kucha Night

A blurb from ‘Security Jones”
The RSA Conference is a big event for me each year, both for catching up with all of the industry people I know and for the Microsoft activities at the show. This year, we sponsored the Pecha Kucha night (20 slides x 20 seconds per slide) and my team somehow convinced me not only to do it – but that this year RSA wanted it to also be done in a poetry form. This latter was not true, but I did not find that out until the night before 😉 Anyway, one of my team captured some video and I have edited it to include the slides. Come follow me on twitter (@securityjones) or check out our blog at
Possibly the only poetic beatnik styled security presentation ever made…

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