Official Google Webmasters 5 Step Mobile Friendly Starter Guide

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5 Steps to Mobile-Friendly Sites TEST YOUR SITE Take the Mobile-Friendly Test []to see if your site is mobile-friendly. If not, it’s time to go mobile. If you have issues with the tool, ensure Google is crawling your site correctly []. CONSIDER THE USER Integrate mobile into your core business strategy and build a site […]

Social Media Icons: Cartoon-ishly Anime-esque Perfect Image of Social Media Sites

They say a picture speaks louder than words… sometimes they are right

Better Google Plus: Google+ Cheat Sheet

Google+ Cheat Sheet

By now nearly everyone has heard of and probably seen Google+. Yet most are still lost when it comes to actually using it expertly. With so many functions, Google Plus can be a difficult social media site to master. Thanks to Eric Welke we can now cheat at Google+ like a pro… via holykaw

Take a Better Look at Browsers: What an Average Web Surfer is and Your Users See

Many things have changed online over the years, even more with average web surfers specs. Mostly since the internet became available to the public and personal computers became commonplace. Monitors went from 13” into the 20″+ range, color depths went from 8bit to 32bit on average, connection speeds went from dial-up to broad band and […]

Social Media Shows the True Identity of Americans

Social media has enabled us to find out exactly what we as Americans are obsessed with, what we love and what are we doing while we are online? Data shows that we are passionate about royalty, celebrities and routines. Our activities online display what our interests are and where we enjoy spending our time when […]

You might be a blackhat SEO if… (Comic)

A SEO comic in the style of Someecards… Courtesy of: RYP Marketing

How to Use RSS Feeds as Email Newsletters

Learn how to turn your blog’s RSS feed into an email newsletter. Try Now Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications Feed Your Newsletters Instantly convert your blog posts into emails. If you have a blog, chances are that you have an RSS feed. Not sure what an RSS feed is? RSS lets your blog […]

Four Ideas on Where the Future of SEO is Headed

The SEO professional, it seems, is always living in the present: modifying sites to coincide with new algorithms, researching what’s working on the web now, and generally keeping up on trends in order to stay on top of the search results. This is not a bad thing; it’s how you stay in the loop, maintain […]

Securitay-Security Deja Vu: RSA 2012 Pecha Kucha Night

A blurb from ‘Security Jones” The RSA Conference is a big event for me each year, both for catching up with all of the industry people I know and for the Microsoft activities at the show. This year, we sponsored the Pecha Kucha night (20 slides x 20 seconds per slide) and my team somehow […]

Girls, Pets and Comics: Becoming Popular Online Without a Graphic Design Degree

Let’s be real. A lot of occupations have little to do with a degree and everything to do with the applicant’s talent, intelligence and general abilities. Sure, you can spend years in college pursuing a graphic design degree and find yourself tens of thousands of dollars in a debt which will take another four to […]