How to Use RSS Feeds as Email Newsletters

Learn how to turn your blog’s RSS feed into an email newsletter. Try Now

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

Feed Your Newsletters

Instantly convert your blog posts into emails. If you have a blog, chances are that you have an RSS feed. Not sure what an RSS feed is? RSS lets your blog talk to other services and newsreaders.

AWeber  come up with a way to automagically take your feed & convert your RSS to email marketing newsletters! All you have to do is enter your feed and tell them how often you want the message sent. They’ll do the rest!

Broadcast From All Major Blogs

No matter what blog software you use, you’re covered!

  • Integrate with your blog to send posts as emails
  • Choose between sending individual posts or weekly summaries
  • RSS to email is available for any blog with an RSS feed

Want to turn your RSS blog feed into an email newsletter? Try Now


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