How to Make a Custom WordPress Feed For New Digg Publishers Accounts in 2 Seconds

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While setting up a New Digg account for a network site, we noticed a small problem. Digg asks for a special feed. Most websites only maintain one feed, although many may offer various formats like rss and atom feeds. Few have more beyond comment feeds, if even that beyond the main feed.

After a quick bit of research we found the Digg community has expressed a dislike for high volume publishers. We too understand the difference between a blog or company update and ‘actual news’ or ‘stories of interest’ Anything more the those, is… well,  just plain spammy.

WordPressAs we debated building a WordPress plugin or coming up with a hard coded solution, we found an elegantly simple fix for WordPress feeds. Tags, plain and simple, just use a special tag. For example we have tagged this as ‘diggfeed’ and you can now view the stories or the feed for the tag. How lovely is that? No code, no installation, not even a plugin is needed.

permalink examples:

pretty urls:

default urls:

For non WordPress sites this wont help, but for any WP based site on the more current releases… your good to go. Now you can pick your best content only and have a good, worthy, social community friendly Digg publishers feed. Trust us on this one to, the Digg user community and the Digg staff will thank you for it.

…and now, just in case you missed it, some official words from to publishers.

Getting Started for Digg Publishers
  • Create a profile. Every user receives content on their My News page by following profiles. Include your brand logo/picture and information about your organization in your profile to make it easy for users to follow you.
  • Publish your content. As a publisher, you can automatically submit content to Digg through RSS, or manually using Digg’s submission box. Every new story that you publish will have a single Digg, and will instantly be posted to all of your follower’s My News. Some suggestions to keep in mind:
    • Publish 5 – 20 stories per day of your best content.
    • Use multiple profiles for different topics such as Technology or Entertainment. You can link your profiles to cross-promote all the content streams you offer.
    • 9am to 6pm Eastern time are generally the best times for publishing.
    • Keep a steady stream of fresh, interesting content. Try to avoid making batch submissions of content.
  • Develop your following on Digg by promoting your Digg profile and content.

    Digg’s audience is composed of a diverse group of highly educated professionals. Learn more about our audience demographics.

    We plan to continue innovating to ensure Publishers have a meaningful experience on Digg – please reach out to us with any questions or comments. Enjoy Digg!

We could not have made it any simpler than Digg themselves. We hope to see you there soon.

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