Rock Paper Scissor or Digg Hide Bury (Report) Digg Psych 101

or Dr Bury meets Mr Hide and Removal of Digg Stories on Command

Artwork by Charles Raymond Macauley for the 19...Ok, so this is quiet possibly the most controversial change the ‘New Digg’ has brought to the table. Goodbye bury brigades, end of story. Some people  (an ebirdy told us they used it, HEAVILY) are outraged at this. Others are confused or possibly worried about rampant spam running out of control. I for one am in the overjoyed club.  This is perhaps the smartest ‘great equalizer’ has made yet.

The longest running headaches, or dare we say, nightmare, or the Digg staff and Digg users has been the now mythical bury brigades. Political plots, behind the scenes power user wares and dark corner insider trading have all long been trumpeted on high to all manner of digital publication building the myth.

Now… it’s done. Poof all gone, back to being a news site of the people. Bravo!

The question now is, what next. Between the user revolts and the mass publishers simply flooding out anything you would consider ‘real news’ more often than not, where do we stand?

As is so often, ironically the answer, the biggest headache is also the new miracle cure. If a user floods your ‘mynews’ or a publisher, just unfollow them. The way digg works now, if a story is getting ‘hot’ the chances are you will see it. Now for the hidden great parts. You no longer have to feel guilty to bury a story and have it hidden only halfway. Now buries are gone and you can just hide it, flat out remove it with no harm. Think of it as a filter, you may not want every story right now, but are not sure yet, so remove what you don’t want, Digg what you do like and come back to refresh and review later.

While many have screamed loudly they have no way to tune or customize their ‘Digg experience’ I say your missed the point. We now have 100% control of what we see. You can even take the stories off the front page, or things that offend you from any part of digg you find. How much easier or more perfect an idea could it have been?

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