Reddit vs Digg: Statistical Social Media Information Graphic


raterush-digg-reddit-number-per-hourThe staff at Rate Rush spent several weeks planning and tracking every story on both Reddit and Digg. These are the results in a great comparative infographic. They have also provided a time-based chart to present the overall average daily numbers by hour.

All in all it seems Reddit tends to be more profane while enjoying more regular news and Digg likes more information but prefers mainstream content. No surprise Digg is twice as active as Reddit, but the correlation of ‘top users’ running the front page by proportion was surprising. Percentage wise, Reddit seems to have just as many power users as Digg , despite the commonly held belief there are none. This was an interesting discovery.

It appears Digg has a big late-night-party type crowd while Reddit runs mostly on bakers hours. Yet again a surprise that goes against common social gossip and the advice of all those ‘social media experts’ out there.

I have no idea in the end what all of this proves, and understan, even less of what it really means, yet I feel oddly enlightened to something — I just haven’t figured out what yet.

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