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“Works delivered as promised and even ahead of time on most parts. FHM went above and beyond in explaining what they were doing at each step.. They took direction very well and offered creative ideas.. we were looking for.”
“We were impressed with the communication, quality and speed. Frankly, we were a little surprised, we thought it was going to be a painful process but FHM delivered high quality so fast … we were actually shocked.”
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Official Google Webmasters 5 Step Mobile Friendly Starter Guide

google webmasters googlebot

5 Steps to Mobile-Friendly Sites TEST YOUR SITE Take the Mobile-Friendly Test [http://goo.gl/HKGk6h]to see if your site is mobile-friendly. If not, it’s time to go mobile. If you have issues with the tool, ensure Google is crawling your site correctly [http://goo.gl/01MAlZ]. CONSIDER THE USER Integrate mobile into your core business strategy and build a site […]

Social Media Icons: Cartoon-ishly Anime-esque Perfect Image of Social Media Sites

They say a picture speaks louder than words… sometimes they are right

Better Google Plus: Google+ Cheat Sheet

Google+ Cheat Sheet

By now nearly everyone has heard of and probably seen Google+. Yet most are still lost when it comes to actually using it expertly. With so many functions, Google Plus can be a difficult social media site to master. Thanks to Eric Welke we can now cheat at Google+ like a pro… via holykaw

Take a Better Look at Browsers: What an Average Web Surfer is and Your Users See

Many things have changed online over the years, even more with average web surfers specs. Mostly since the internet became available to the public and personal computers became commonplace. Monitors went from 13” into the 20″+ range, color depths went from 8bit to 32bit on average, connection speeds went from dial-up to broad band and […]